Car Wreck

My new boyfriend was taking us to his place. He had a dryer coming and so we were going to wait for it. I was tired and not talkative so I mumbled-grumbled agreed to go. I wanted to go to Wal-mart and get Cold Sore Medicine but didn't ask to go ..because dryer wait. Now,… Continue reading Car Wreck


Title: Twenty-one Truths About LoveAuthor: Matthew DicksPublisher: St. Martin's PressPublish Day: November 19,2019Rating:🥄🥄🥄🥄 Description: From the beloved author of Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend comes a wonderful new novel about a struggling man, written entirely in lists. Review Downloaded from Netgalley -- free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I was going to… Continue reading #TwentyOneTruthsAboutLove

Forgotten Pages

The adjustment to single life and then back into a relationship life has turned things, different. It's an adjustment though a fast forward from single life, I now know I can survive alone. I can live alone and still date the same someone like a normal, healthy human being. The only thing is the learning… Continue reading Forgotten Pages

Spoonie In

So, physically have been doing okay for the last three months. I have been having small flare ups that have slowed me down. Thursday while at work my leg started acting up. So much so I emailed my boss telling her it hurt and I needed to go. I needed to lay down but there's… Continue reading Spoonie In

Dinners Alone

Not the best photography. I didn't realize my possibility of ever making my own food. When my ex boyfriend left I was mostly panicked at my ability to survive alone. I have bad pain flare ups, can't always do things that I was ale to do just the other day... And, being alone has shown… Continue reading Dinners Alone

Digital Reading

I recently got wifi back which I think hhelped my Kindle app go bonkers. It lloaded this way. Clicked and a third. Ot shown loaded. I've never had that glitch like that before. But I am trying to get some digital reading completed on my downtime. Since I can't have my phone at work I… Continue reading Digital Reading