#TheRockingBookOfRocks #NetGalley

Title: The Rocking Books of RocksAuthor: Florence Bullough, Amy BallPublisher: Quarto Publishing Group / Wide Eyed EditionsPublish day: August 6, 2019 It's a book about rocks. From moon rocks to creation of rocks/fossils. Colorful engaging imagery with easy to read text throughout the book. Great for classroom library / or just something to get the… Continue reading #TheRockingBookOfRocks #NetGalley


#BruceLee #NetGalley

Another round of children fiction from Netgalley. One of the reasons I signed up for it! Title: Bruce LeeAuthor: Maria Isabel Sanchez VegaraIllustrator: Miguel BustosPublisher: Franklin Lincoln Children'sPublish Day: July 30, 2019 Little People, BIG DREAMS is a best-selling series of books and educational games that explore the lives of outstanding people- Netgalley page for… Continue reading #BruceLee #NetGalley

#EllaMayDoesItHerWay #NetGalley

Title: Ella May Does It Her Way Author: Mick Jackson Published: June 18, 2019 .. almost ready for purchase. Review: Cute. Story about a child who likes to try new things. Great story to incorporate into the classroom to discuss being afraid of new things / benefits of being open to new experiences. Illustrations are… Continue reading #EllaMayDoesItHerWay #NetGalley

#TheRaceToSpace #NetGalley

Review / A children's nonfiction book that discusses how we got to the space age. It starts with the wars, Russia and the USA to the moon. It is informational dense with illustrations to break apart the text. I remember when nonfiction text meant real life pictures. Is it easier to have someone do illustrations… Continue reading #TheRaceToSpace #NetGalley

#DollyParton #NetGalley

Title: Dolly Parton Author: Isabel Sanchez VegaraIllustrator: Daria Solak Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books  Publish Day: June 4, 2019 A larger-than-life living legend, with a heart as big as her dreams- Isabel Sanchez Vegara, Dolly Parton I enjoy reading these Little people BIG DREAM books. They give just enough information about the person for a child… Continue reading #DollyParton #NetGalley

#LittleWhiteFishAndHisDaddy #NetGalley

Little White Fish and His Daddy by Guido van Genechten Cute short picture book. Will be a cute dad gift! Downloaded thanks to the Clavis publishers thru Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. It would work great for a gift to Dad for father's day -- which is June 16th nudge, nudge. "A must… Continue reading #LittleWhiteFishAndHisDaddy #NetGalley

#IlikeToEatChildren #NetGalley

Can buy here. Title: I Like to Eat ChildrenAuthor: Reagan RotheIllustrator: Drew RosePublish Day: Oct. 4, 2014 -- so available for purchase!Publisher: Black Rose Writing Review If your young child likes spooky lite -- this is a good one. It is available under Kindle Unlimited as well. I downloaded this through Netgalley, as I am… Continue reading #IlikeToEatChildren #NetGalley