Giveaway post

I am planning on having at least two giveaways this month. Just cos. CLICK HERE TO ENTER Arnaka Skytree grew up believing she was chosen to bring new magic to the world. As the heir to the cult of druids responsible for keeping their floating palace habitable for the wealthy aristocracy, she’s expected to wield… Continue reading Giveaway post


Zombie Blondes – Brian James – Review

Zombie Blondes - Brian James - Review Score: 3/5 I bought this book from the library. It cost a dollar to purchase. It felt like a strange book it should have been something I found interesting but didn't. Each chapter would start off interesting and I would think, "Okay, this is it" but then it… Continue reading Zombie Blondes – Brian James – Review

Speak – Laurie Halse Anderson – Review

Originally here. Score: 5/5 For me, this was an extremely intense independent read. I read it in 9th grade when I read this. I didn't have any experience with the topic but the loneliness and depression I understood. This follows Melinda a girl who is raped at a summer party. When she calls 911 to… Continue reading Speak – Laurie Halse Anderson – Review