Kindred – Octavia E Butler – Review

I read this in June, 2016 apart of this reading group. Score: 4/5 Summary: Dana's house where she lives is in the 1970s California somehow transport her to the antebellum South, a plantation in Maryland. She 'befriends' a young white -- she saved him from drowning  --- she learns that he needs to live because… Continue reading Kindred – Octavia E Butler – Review

American Women’s Firsts with books 1900s

 This is focused on American Women and from this Wikipedia page & this page. I am finding books that the women have written, written about them or books that mention them.  1900-1908 1. Margaret Abbott - 1st American woman to win 1st place in an  Olympic event. She never knew that she was the first… Continue reading American Women’s Firsts with books 1900s