The Quantum Magician

Apologies in Advance for typos. Again, phone update. I'm not reviewing this again just talking about it. I'm a book blog after all. So, I'm rereading this because I suggested a person read it. The thing is I don't remember what all went on in the story it's been awhile. I just remembered he's a… Continue reading The Quantum Magician


The Luminous Dead update

She could feel eyes burning into her back, and she couldn’t force the fear away entirely this time. Fear twisted in her belly, helped along by Isolde’s stricken description of the Tunneler, of what it could do, and of the helplessness she’d felt down here. Quote above is from the book. Possible spoilers up ahead.… Continue reading The Luminous Dead update

Luminous Dead

Not an ARC but currently reading through our library. It's different from what I usually read. Falls into scifi and is interesting. Recommended by someone I had a coffee date with. Read further into it yesterday after I was finished with an interview.