Ultimate Book Tag

found here. Also: I didn't answer every question that is in the tag. SO, you can click to go to that blog to get ALL the questions. Answer the questions and tag two other bloggers. I won't be tagging someone but i f you want to do it -- go ahead. Do you get sick… Continue reading Ultimate Book Tag

#SundayQuestions: What Book Has Been On Your Shelves the Longest?

ecassells Do you mean a physical bookshelf? I only have a bookshelf to hold the elementary leveled books I've purchased from Goodwill. These books will eventually live inside a classroom at an elementary that I've been hired at. Sadly, that hasn't happened yet but I pray it will. But my books that I read are… Continue reading #SundayQuestions: What Book Has Been On Your Shelves the Longest?

#SundayQuestions: What Book Describes You Best?

SarahRichterArt Hmm. I don't know how to answer this. I'm more of that side character who gets little screen time and the other characters are confused as to why I'm there. Is this a self-esteem issue? Why yes it is. This is an updated version of this post.  via Blogger https://ift.tt/2LK4yGJ

#SundayQuestions: Outdoor or Indoor Reading?

Alexas_Fotos Prefer indoor curled up in bed or partially cuddling the boyfriend. He's usually playing video games or something not book-related as he doesn't read. I know it's hard to think of but I am with someone who doesn't like reading. But he doesn't mind if I read parts of a book to him or… Continue reading #SundayQuestions: Outdoor or Indoor Reading?

#SundayQuestions: What book did everyone like but you hated?

A Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I don't dislike this story because it was predictable what was going to happen. I've stated before I don't mind it if I solve the 'twists' before they're revealed. As long as I'm enjoying the book and fully engaged with the story/characters .. it doesn't bother me.… Continue reading #SundayQuestions: What book did everyone like but you hated?

#SundayQuestions: Acknowledgments: Waste of ink & paper or interesting aside?

husnil24 I can see why someone may not be interested in reading this. But I'm not one of those people. I enjoy reading acknowledgements that the authors have included. It's a nice little thing to read. I love that authors taking the time out to thank those who have helped make their book possible. For… Continue reading #SundayQuestions: Acknowledgments: Waste of ink & paper or interesting aside?

#SundayQuestions: What is the strangest item you’ve found in a book?

RyanMcGuire As in something you can pick up from inside of a book? Or? I'm taking this in a general sense that you've found inside a library book. The strangest thing I've found inside of a book was blood stains. While yes it could easily have been something else. It looked the way blood does… Continue reading #SundayQuestions: What is the strangest item you’ve found in a book?