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Title: Valiant High Author: Daniel Kibblesmith Publisher: Diamond Book Genre: Children's fiction, sci fi & fantasy Rating: 🥄🥄🥄🥄 Publish Day: September 4, 2018 Downloaded from: Netgalley What it is: High school, enjoyable imagery and story. I missed the download time for this one so went and purchased it. Was worthwhile to drop cash on the eBook. via Blogger

Wrapped Up Vol. 1 by Dave Scheidt

Score: 4/5 First sentence: Hey! There is a free comic listed on Amazon  just to give it a taste test. It's a collection of comics about this zombie kid named Milo and the weird things that happen to him. Good: Artwork and easy to read fonts. It consists of spontaneity that upper elementary/middle school kids… Continue reading Wrapped Up Vol. 1 by Dave Scheidt

Little Pierrot Vol. 2: Amongst the Stars by Alberto Veranda

Downloaded through Netgalley in exchange for a review. Score: 4/5 Summary: Little Pierrot and Mr. Snail's imaginative adventures take them to the stars and beyond! They might fly to the moon on the wings of a well-worn book, or cloud-watch with the new girl in school. Little Pierrot is ever the dreamer, but Mr. Snail… Continue reading Little Pierrot Vol. 2: Amongst the Stars by Alberto Veranda