#PickSpitScratch #NetGalley

Title: Pick, Spit & Scratch The science of disgusting Habits Author: Julia Garstecki Publisher: Voyageur Press Children's Nonfiction  Publish Day: October 23, 2018 Rating:  Review: Great gross book with silly illustrations to help develop or further a child's fascination with everything "gross". Goes from urine to dog kisses to gaming. It has a section that talks about breaking bad habits.… Continue reading #PickSpitScratch #NetGalley

#AroundTheWorldInEveryVehicle #NetGalley

Around the World in Every Vehicle Written by Amber Stewart QEB Publishing -- children's nonfiction  Publish day: September 11, 2018 --- already ready for purchase! Description from Netgalley:  Join the Van Go family as they set out in their little blue camper van on a globetrotting adventure. Join them as they take in the sights… Continue reading #AroundTheWorldInEveryVehicle #NetGalley

ShrtRvw: #GreekGodsAndHeroes #NetGalley

Title: Greek Gods & Heroes Author:  Sylvie Baussier Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions Genre: Children's Nonfiction Publish day: August 2, 2018 Downloaded from: Netgalley Rating:  Description from Netgalley:  Each Top 40 Famous title introduces readers to a fascinating non-fiction subject through its 40 most famous people or groups. In this fun title, 40 gods, goddesses, heroes and heroines of Greek Mythology are waiting… Continue reading ShrtRvw: #GreekGodsAndHeroes #NetGalley

#JustTheRightSize #NetGalley

Title: Just the Right Size Author: Bonnie Grubman Illustrator: Suzanne Diederen Publisher: Clavis Publish Day: August 11, 2018 Rating:   Summary: Who's just the right size? You are! A funny and thought-provoking read-aloud about being tall or small for children ages 3 and up. Did you know a ladybug is just the right size to land on the branch of… Continue reading #JustTheRightSize #NetGalley

#GlowInTheDark:voyageThroughSpace #NetGalley

Title: Glow In the Dark: Voyage through Space Author: Katy Flint Illustrator: Cornelia Li Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions Publish Day: August 2, 2018 Rating:   Summary: See space as you've never seen it before!  Join one little astronaut and her space dog as they voyage through our solar system. Journey from the Sun, to the planets,… Continue reading #GlowInTheDark:voyageThroughSpace #NetGalley

#JosephineBaker #NetGalley

Title: Josephine Baker Author: Isabel Sanchez Vegara Illustrator: Agathe Sorlet Publisher: Frances Lincoln Childrens Publish Day: July 31, 2018 ! Rating: Summary: New in the Little People, Big Dreams series, discover the incredible life of Josephine Baker, the world-famous entertainer, activist and French Resistance agent in this true story of her life. Little Josephine grew up in St Louis, Missouri,… Continue reading #JosephineBaker #NetGalley

#OutsideExploring #NetGalley #Animals #Nature

Title: Outside: Exploring Nature Author: Maria Ana Peixe Dias, Ines Teixeira do Rosario Illustrator: Bernardo P. Carvalho Publisher: Frances Lincoln Childrens Publish Day: July 5, 2018 -- Ready for purchase today! Rating:  Summary:  What are stars made of? Why is the ocean blue? How are rainbows created? Whether you live in the country or the city, nature is still all… Continue reading #OutsideExploring #NetGalley #Animals #Nature