Classroom activities with scrabble and storage container

500 scrabble pieces. I wanted to use them for Christmas gift but I never got the energy up to do it. I ended up using them for the classroom. They were used to have students build the word and write the word in the spelling station when they were with me. I organized them into… Continue reading Classroom activities with scrabble and storage container


#TpT: Shoestring Budget Supplies Sale

Math Resources 10% off: PowerPoint $9 Morning Math Journals 5th grade Acrostic Halloween Poem Worksheets 18 Slides! FREE 4 days of morning math journal entries to try here.  $0.90 Divide by 10s 100s 1000s simplified Puzzle Morning Math Journal Green  5th grade level Morning Math Journal Pink 5th grade level Monster Stir Fry Initial Sound V… Continue reading #TpT: Shoestring Budget Supplies Sale