#WritingPrompt: Magical Ties & Folktales

For some reason when you're in severe danger – almost dead – your character's magical tie takes you to a folk tale. Inside these fairy tale's you run through the story as the tie heals you until you're well enough to get back to the real place. You've completed Red Riding Hood's story for the… Continue reading #WritingPrompt: Magical Ties & Folktales

#Goodreads 8 Books Read in 2015 Reading Challenge

I read far less than what I did in 2014 . My goal for 2015 was five books but ended up reading eight. Shocking, I know. This was my first full year in teaching college there wasn't any time. Most of the books in this year were kid literature for my history class. Links go to… Continue reading #Goodreads 8 Books Read in 2015 Reading Challenge