#MindfulThoughtsForStargazers #NetGalley

Title: Mindful Thoughts for StargazersAuthor: mark WestmoquettePublisher: Quarto -- leaping hare pressPublished: July 2, 2019 I thought this was an astronomy book. I'm not even kidding. It is really focused on mindful thought and random tidbits of information. Great for someone who's looking for such things. Downloaded from Netgalley free in exchange for an honest… Continue reading #MindfulThoughtsForStargazers #NetGalley

Please Tell Me It’s Going to Be OK.

One of The Best Things in My Life Is Gone My boyfriend of 12 years Wednesday, July 10th came home from work looking like he was in mourning. I kept trying to cuddle on him and try to relieve whatever was going on with him. He gets on the couch. I ask him I can… Continue reading Please Tell Me It’s Going to Be OK.

#Offtopic: Doggo Injured

My mom's dog Gwenie. She was taken in when my sister discovered that she was going to be put down. A completely healthy dog getting euthanized?! My mom took her in mistakenly thinking that she was going to be a tiny dog. She was not. But she stayed and became part of the family. She… Continue reading #Offtopic: Doggo Injured

#Spoonies: Surgery Progress…so far.. if it can called that.

So... Yesterday's surgery phone calls started optimistic and quickly crumbled within an hour. Didn't get voicemail but actual people for financials and appointment setter. Except voice mail again for the person who is supposedly the one to tell me how much the surgery is going to cost when everything is said and done. Found somewhere that I… Continue reading #Spoonies: Surgery Progress…so far.. if it can called that.

#Spoonie Update: #WTF is this week?

This is about April 22nd-28th but everything that's gone on still will melt into this week. My week I've started dealing with stronger symptoms due to my gallbladder not working. If you can please donate to help me make an appointment as fast as possible. Here. Or use the cash app both work. I am… Continue reading #Spoonie Update: #WTF is this week?

#Spoonie Doctor Visit Wed & Fri Woo!

Credit: rawpixel My primary care doctor I can schedule appointments and do a payment arrangement. Unlike the surgery I'm trying to schedule for. I still need help paying for my first appointment with the surgeon. Since my state was in the middle of a Teacher Walkout it allowed me a lot of time. So, was able… Continue reading #Spoonie Doctor Visit Wed & Fri Woo!

You Don’t Have to if You Don’t Want To – Chronic Life

My boyfriend said these words as I struggled to stand up to get dressed. It was Easter morning. His side of the family were all gathered in the front of the house. I was surging through the pain scale where a pain level 10 was no longer accurate. "You don't have to if you don't… Continue reading You Don’t Have to if You Don’t Want To – Chronic Life