#TheHockeySaint #HowardShapiro

The Hockey Saint by Howard Shapiro Summary: Twenty-one year old Jeremiah Jacobson is the world's best hockey player, but he wasn't prepared for the frenzy and scrutiny that came with that title. Tom Leonard is an average college sophomore... just a guy trying to find his place in the world as he sorts through issues… Continue reading #TheHockeySaint #HowardShapiro

The Stereotypical Freaks by Howard Shapiro

Title: The Stereotypical Freaks Author: Howard Shapiro From: Netgalley / Animal Media Group Published: Nov. 4, 2012 Rating: 3.5/5 Description: Four disparate high school seniors come together to compete in their school's battle of the bands. Sharing a love for playing rock and roll, the members name the band "The Stereotypical Freaks" because they feel stereotyped by their classmates… Continue reading The Stereotypical Freaks by Howard Shapiro