#GottaCatchHer #NetGalley

Title: Gotta Catch herAuthor: Kelly Haworth & on TwitterPublish Day: April 29, 2019 -- out now!Publisher: NineStar PressRating: 🥄🥄🥄 Description The story revolves around Ann, a project manager with a dog and Rachael a store manager (I think?) with a child. Ann has a crush on Rachael -- after finding one another through Ani-Min --… Continue reading #GottaCatchHer #NetGalley


#YayYoureGayNowWhat #NetGalley

Yay! You're Gay! Now what? Book: Yay! You're Gay! Now What?Author: Riyadh KhalafPublisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books Publish day: April 30, 2019 Description Yay! You're gay! Or maybe you're bi. Or maybe you just feel different… in time, that difference will become the greatest gift you could ask for. It will bring you love, a… Continue reading #YayYoureGayNowWhat #NetGalley

Since Unfinished

Since Unfinished BY RICHARD BLANCO I’ve been writing this since the summer my grandfather taught me how to hold a blade of grass between my thumbs and make it whistle, since I first learned to make green from blue and yellow, turned paper into snowflakes, believed a seashell echoed the sea, and the sea had… Continue reading Since Unfinished