Crocs Women’s Crocs At Work Flat Bruising RVW

My original flats, a Skechers walking shoe, the backs started weakening. For someone like me with Rheumatoid Arthritis, your joints need all the support it can get. These were failing me. So, I got Crocs work flats. They are SUPER CUTE and I know from other people that Crocs are extremely comfortable. Size 8, because… Continue reading Crocs Women’s Crocs At Work Flat Bruising RVW

#Spoonies: Compression Socks – yay or nay?

WARNING: Not medical advise. Not paid review. Quickie: If you're not familiar with compression socks they're used to help blood flow in your legs. People who stand all day, flights, or exercise frequently use these. They can help prevent varicose veins. They're an item that disabled/abled wear. Background: First pair of compression socks I decided to… Continue reading #Spoonies: Compression Socks – yay or nay?