#Spoonies: 5 Ways I Relieve Migraines

Five ways to possibly relieve migraines. I'm fairly certain these are pretty common ways to try to relieve yourself of the migraine pain. When I have migraines they last for days. Most of mine start at the base of head / neck and stretch outwards toward face. It's fun, don't recommend. I cannot afford to… Continue reading #Spoonies: 5 Ways I Relieve Migraines

#FF: Spoonie Blogs

Follow Friday: Blogs I like. June 22, 2018 edition Books and Fandom. Spoonsnbooks.com No obligation to follow them or me for this. Can ask me to remove promoting your blog - no worries! No set # of blogs will be listed Blogs will be from WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr & Others Comments about blogs are either… Continue reading #FF: Spoonie Blogs