Ultimate Book Tag

found here. Also: I didn't answer every question that is in the tag. SO, you can click to go to that blog to get ALL the questions. Answer the questions and tag two other bloggers. I won't be tagging someone but i f you want to do it -- go ahead. Do you get sick… Continue reading Ultimate Book Tag


It’s Raining Again

A few days ago I told the boyfriend that I would have to go back to hand watering the flowers. I put a pesticide on my plants that day as well to keep the things from eating my garden. Then, the next day a downpour. I'll eventually have to reapply the pesticide. It's raining again.… Continue reading It’s Raining Again

PetnPurr Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Lid and Scoop – Large

We bought this in January in hopes of stopping the murderous smells my cats have while using the litter box. Our younger cat didn't care she used it. Our older one, however, protested and did not like the design of the litter box. I think these work well for families who start using them when… Continue reading PetnPurr Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Lid and Scoop – Large

Garden part 2

EXCUSE ME. I did not clean up the yard before I started taking pictures. I purchased "fairy lights" that are solar powered. They took their sweet time charging before I finally got to witness them. Also my boyfriend decided to get goofy when I was taking a picture of the lights. I like that they're… Continue reading Garden part 2