#BenjiAndTheGiantKite #NetGalley

Title: Benji & The Giant Kite Author: Alan C. Fox Illustrator: Eefje Kuijil Publisher: Clavis Publish Day: August 11, 2018 Rating: Summary: Let's go fly a kite! An inspiring read-aloud picture book about ambition, perseverance, and kite-flying from bestselling author Alan C. Fox. For aspiring aviators ages 4 and up. In a small shop, Benji sees a beautiful kite.… Continue reading #BenjiAndTheGiantKite #NetGalley

#TheTruthAboutDinosaurs #NetGalley

Title: The Truth About Dinosaurs Author: Guido van Genechten Pub Day: August 11, 2018! Score: 5/5 Recommend? Yes! Downloaded from Netgalley thanks to publisher in exchange for an honest review.  Description  Have you ever heard of the Gallus gallus domesticus? Its a big word for a chicken . . . I mean, a dinosaur. Yep, and this ordinary… Continue reading #TheTruthAboutDinosaurs #NetGalley

The Rough-Face Girl by Rafe Martin, David Shannon

Score: 4/5 Summary: A disfigured Algonquin girl wins the heart of an invisible being. A Cinderella story. I own a copy of this story. It's meant to follow a girl with a kind not-so rough heart even though she has a 'rough' face. It's a lovely Cinderella story about what matters the most is kindness.

Herodotus the Hedgehog by Jean-Luc Buquet

Downloaded through Netgalley to read for an honest review. Score: 4/5 First Sentence: Herodotus was a young hedgehog, curious about everything. Description on Amazon: "A curious hedgehog asks the other forest animals what they believe in, but he eventually needs to choose his own beliefs"-- This will be ready to order and buy, March 15,… Continue reading Herodotus the Hedgehog by Jean-Luc Buquet

Little Pierrot Vol. 2: Amongst the Stars by Alberto Veranda

Downloaded through Netgalley in exchange for a review. Score: 4/5 Summary: Little Pierrot and Mr. Snail's imaginative adventures take them to the stars and beyond! They might fly to the moon on the wings of a well-worn book, or cloud-watch with the new girl in school. Little Pierrot is ever the dreamer, but Mr. Snail… Continue reading Little Pierrot Vol. 2: Amongst the Stars by Alberto Veranda