Royal Heart, Andrea Gibson

"I can't live here. In my body, I mean. I can't live in my body all the time, it feels too much. So if I ever feel far away know I am not gone. I am just underneath my grief, adjusting the dial on my radio faith so I can take this life with all… Continue reading Royal Heart, Andrea Gibson

Since Unfinished

Since Unfinished BY RICHARD BLANCO I’ve been writing this since the summer my grandfather taught me how to hold a blade of grass between my thumbs and make it whistle, since I first learned to make green from blue and yellow, turned paper into snowflakes, believed a seashell echoed the sea, and the sea had… Continue reading Since Unfinished

#IfAllTheWorld #NetGalley Joseph Coelho

Title: If All the World Author: Joseph Coelho Illustrator: Allison Colpoys Publish Day: June 7, 2018 -- Soon! Downloaded from: Netgalley! Rating: 5/5 Summary: A moving, poetic picture book about a young girl's love for her granddad and how she copes when his grandad dies, written by poet and playwright Joe Coelho. This powerful and ultimately uplifting text… Continue reading #IfAllTheWorld #NetGalley Joseph Coelho

Ivy in Bloom by Vanita Oelschlager

Downloaded through Netgalley to read for an honest review. Score: 4 out of 5 Summary: Follows Ivy Van Allsberg as she waits for spring. Through pieces of poetry from different poets we go through her time as she waits. A great read for kids ages between Pre-k to 3 either for poetry or for weather… Continue reading Ivy in Bloom by Vanita Oelschlager