#AbsoluteDarkness #NetGalley

I thought that I already post this? I thought I already submitted my review for this book. Oh my. Title: Absolute Darkness Author: Tina O'Hailey Romance, Scifi/Fantasy Publisher: Black Rose Writing Publish Day: Jun 28, 2018 Description A thrill ride through time that will make you hold your breath. Sitting by the campfire, Brandy admitted a secret to… Continue reading #AbsoluteDarkness #NetGalley


#DeathKnell #NetGalley

Title: Death Knell Author: Hailey Edwards Publisher: Platkus Genre: Scifi/fantasy Publish Day: Dec 4, 2018 Rating:  Description: This is the third book in the Foundling Series with another on the way. After her two worlds clashed apocalyptically, Luce Boudreau needed some time out. But Destiny had other ideas. When bodies begin washing ashore down the Mississippi River, Luce… Continue reading #DeathKnell #NetGalley

#HullmetalGirls #NetGalley

Title: Hullmetal Girls Author: Emily Skrutskie Publisher: Random House Children Publish Day: July 17, 2018 Rating: Description: Aisha Un-Haad would do anything for her family. When her brother contracts a plague, she knows her janitor's salary isn't enough to fund his treatment. So she volunteers to become a Scela, a mechanically enhanced soldier sworn to protect and serve the… Continue reading #HullmetalGirls #NetGalley

MiniRvw:#TheRedeemed #NetGalley

Title: The Redeemed -- Roadhouse #2 Author: Matthew S. Cox Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press Romance, Sci Fi / Fantasy Publish day: December 19, 2017 Description from Netgalley: The Redeemed is the second installment of The Roadhouse Chronicles The worst part about chasing ones dream is catching it. Six months ago, Kevin opened a Roadhouse of his own. No longer… Continue reading MiniRvw:#TheRedeemed #NetGalley

#Schisms #NetGalley

Title: Schisms Author: James Wolanyk Publisher: Kensington Books / Rebel Base Books Description Three long years have passed since Anna, First of Tomas, survived the purge in Malijad after being forced to use her scribe sigils to create an army of immortals. Safely ensconced in the shelter of the Nest, a sanctuary woven by one of her young… Continue reading #Schisms #NetGalley

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Title:The Book of Eadie Vol. 1 by Mark D. Diehl Fehcetree productions - Sci fi & fantasy Publish date:April 4, 2018 -- it's been archived on netgally already Description from Netgalley: Corporations control all of the worlds diminishing resources and all of its governments, dividing the world into two types of people: those who… Continue reading #MiniRvw: #TheBookOfEadie #NetGalley

MiniRvw: #TheQuantumMagician #NetGalley

Title:The Quantum Magician Author:Derek Kunsken Publisher:Rebellion Publishing Solaris Genre: General Fiction/Scifi and Fantasy! Pulish day:October 2, 2018 Rating: Short Review:Apologies for the quick review. School year has started so don't have a lot of time to write things down. This was a good read, enjoyed it. Hoping to be able to purchase it soon. Thanks!… Continue reading MiniRvw: #TheQuantumMagician #NetGalley