#WritingPrompt: eHelper at Heart

Saturday nights your character spends online trying to help people. Either romance problems, proving that their ideas are wrong, or ways to grief. One of the people they've encountered, however, is angered by the character's help. They've figured out where your character lives and plan on beating up or possibly murdering for the help they… Continue reading #WritingPrompt: eHelper at Heart

#WritingPrompt: Magical Ties & Folktales

For some reason when you're in severe danger – almost dead – your character's magical tie takes you to a folk tale. Inside these fairy tale's you run through the story as the tie heals you until you're well enough to get back to the real place. You've completed Red Riding Hood's story for the… Continue reading #WritingPrompt: Magical Ties & Folktales

Hello, Moto Nnedi Okorafor Review

Title: Hello, Moto Author: Nnedi Okorafor Publisher: Tor Rating: 3 out of 5 Summary:There is witchcraft in science and a science to witchcraft. Both will conspire against you eventually. Review: You step into a situation that is already in progress. Rain made tech with juju that's causing chaos in Nigeria. She wants to fix things so… Continue reading Hello, Moto Nnedi Okorafor Review