#NationalCaramelDay- Book Ideas – National Caramel Day

National Caramel Day is here! & It would have been my Nana's birthday. Off-topic but we purchased Instant Apple Cider flavored Caramel. I don't know what I was expecting but it was not that. I had to pour it out and thankful that it doesn't cost that much. Now on to books with a caramel… Continue reading #NationalCaramelDay- Book Ideas – National Caramel Day

Vanilla Bean Killer – Book 1 – SUmmer Prescott – Review

Book: Vanilla Bean Killer Author: Summer Prescott Purchase: Fairly certain since this is a KU book it's only available through Amazon Rating: 3/5 Summary:  color: #181818; font-family: "merriweather" , "georgia" , serif; font-size: 14px;">Missy and Chas start their new life after selling the Inn, but are plagued by scary situations from the very start. Chas… Continue reading Vanilla Bean Killer – Book 1 – SUmmer Prescott – Review