Arizona Mexican Restaurant Desserts

I haven't ate any of the main courses from this restaurant. Can't tell ya anything about them. I ordered the desserts after dinner because I was feeling snackish a few weeks back. I ordered Cheesecake Chimichanga -- didn't like this at all. It's not pictured. Sounded good in theory, a wrapped cheesecake but it didn't… Continue reading Arizona Mexican Restaurant Desserts


And, then there was floods.

Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s currently having flooding in various parts of town. For the most part it’s happening down river away from me. We first evacuated Tuesday. Went to my mom’s while we were in a tornado warning. While there were tornadoes… Continue reading And, then there was floods.

Looking for a Job? Oklahoma, Minnesota, Texas

Alltran is hiring in a couple of states: My sister receives points every time someone clicks links, closer to more money on a gift card from her job. Thanks. I will put them in order as best I can. Tulsa, OK Financial Services - Collections Associate.  Alltran is hiring Collection Representatives for our location in… Continue reading Looking for a Job? Oklahoma, Minnesota, Texas