Anti-Digital Reading

My job doesn't allow phones into the building. I could sneak it in obviously but I need this income. Which means I have had a great slowdown on reading my netgalley and my books from the library. A friend let me borrow a physical book. So I have that at least. But it's so weird… Continue reading Anti-Digital Reading


Job interviews

Thought I was hired on somewhere Friday. Now I'm worried I'm not. I filled and signed hiring papers Friday. They said they'll be sending me an email. Haven't received anything yet. Left a voicemail this afternoon to check in. I'm slightly paranoid because a few years ago I was hired on at Starbucks. But I… Continue reading Job interviews

Looking for a Job? Oklahoma, Minnesota, Texas

Alltran is hiring in a couple of states: My sister receives points every time someone clicks links, closer to more money on a gift card from her job. Thanks. I will put them in order as best I can. Tulsa, OK Financial Services - Collections Associate.  Alltran is hiring Collection Representatives for our location in… Continue reading Looking for a Job? Oklahoma, Minnesota, Texas