#WritingPrompts: I Want To Believe

It's the tenth anniversary of your character's marriage. Two years since their spouse was abducted by an alien race from their California vacation house. This character's lost everything trying to get their spouse back when they receive a voicemail from their spouse. They're fine the alien race is coming back to Earth to take over.… Continue reading #WritingPrompts: I Want To Believe


#Writingprompt: A Well Traveled Serial Killer

Your character is a serial killer who has a weird hobby. This hobby allows him to travel the world and continue their killing spree all over. He has a map of every person his murdered burial site. One day, in a location where he's doing his weird hobby – he wakes up to find the… Continue reading #Writingprompt: A Well Traveled Serial Killer

#WritingPrompt: Living the Library Life

Your character lives inside a library. They're not a librarian, assistant or janitorial... your character just lives there. Possibly homeless, possibly something else entirely. They've noticed there is something weird about the librarians at this particularly one. Your character tried to ignore it due to free lodging and no one knowing that they're there. But… Continue reading #WritingPrompt: Living the Library Life

#Writingprompt: End of the world is Flamingo

It's post-apocalyptic era where everything is looking on the bright side or so you thought. Your character is a flamingo who has started to take notice of the lack of humans at the zoo. Something else has started to show up and your friends are going missing. Who is showing up at the zoo? What… Continue reading #Writingprompt: End of the world is Flamingo

#WritingPrompt: Missing Librarian

Your character is reading inside the public library. They don't normally come to the library but a friend needed your help. One of the part-time librarians stopped showing up for work. The police cannot do anything because it's not illegal for an adult to just...leave, especially, with no suspicious activity. However, your friend thinks otherwise… Continue reading #WritingPrompt: Missing Librarian

#Writingprompt: Retirement & Dragons

It is said that the one and only dragon master will climb the most dangerous icy mountain. From within it a dragon will hatch creating a new volcano. Plus, the one lucky person will have a dragon they'll have to tame / train. But which 'icy' mountain has been lost over thousands of years. Now… Continue reading #Writingprompt: Retirement & Dragons

#Writingprompt: Flying High

Your character has conquered their fear of heights or so they thought. Their friend is trapped on the highest mountain. Their option to rescuing their friend is rock climbing or borrowing a dragon. Their family dragon was the cause of their phobia. What do they choose? Why did they choose this? How does everything turn… Continue reading #Writingprompt: Flying High